Goal of project: to create, approbate and to establish „ psychosocial systemic social work” in social work with families with children daily practice in social service centres and other social service institutions.
Target group: social risk families with children and social workers who work with families.
Partnership: 7 regional partners (regional social service centres) take part in project.
Place of realization: Zemgale (Tukums’ Region, Dobele’s Region), Kurzeme (Kuldiga’s Region, Saldus’ Region, Ventspils’ Region, Talsi’ Region, Roja’s novads), Jurmala un Riga.
Main activities:
1. To creata and to realize training programme „ psychosocial systemic social work”;
2. To approbate psychosocial systemic social work  approach with families in longer lasting practice, supervision provided for social workers;
3. To created approbated methodology: handbook, psychosocial service models in Social Service Centres and to distribute project results in state, municipality and NGO organiziations;
4. To carry out distribution of information and other publicity events.
Planned results:
-          12 trained social workers in psychosocial systemic social work , 48 social risk families will get new social service;
-          Created handbook of methodology 200 copies;
-          3 regional presentation seminars carried out for 100 people and organized meeting with leadres of Social Service Centres and Republic of Latvia “Ministry of Welfare”;
-          Created e-blog for profesionals, 80 e-bulletings about project process and results send to social service intstitutions;
Project results used in daily social work practise within 7 partner ship organizations.